Community and Business Forum Lunch

25 November 2015

Community and Business Forum Lunch

ALTO is committed to helping understand and address some of the main issues facing the Italian community in Australia. We owe a duty to assist older generations who have gone before us, and to serve as custodians of Italian traditions and customs for future generations.

One of the obvious challenges facing the Italian community in the past has been its fragmentation. As an independent association, ALTO is well-placed to bring together various community and business leaders to help inform policy around issues facing Italian-Australians. As part of a submission to the Victorian Multicultural Commission, ALTO organised a Community and Business Leaders Forum Lunch at law firm Holding Redlich. Our thanks to Holding Redlich’s Managing Partner Lou Farinotti and Senior Associate Louise Farinotti for their ongoing support of ALTO.

The lunch, led by ALTO President John Persico, provided a unique forum for guests to share their feelings, frustrations and hopes for the Italian community in the 21st century. While confusion around dual identity, loss of language and a vacuum of leadership were acknowledged, there remained a great sense of energy and optimism in what was possible to create moving forward with the next generation of Italian-Australians. The discussion from the Lunch, as well as the results of an Issues Survey circulated to the broader ALTO Community (which gathered 100 responses) will be published on the ALTO website in early 2016.