ALTO South Australia Launch Event

21 February 2019

ALTO South Australia Launch Event

On Thursday 21st February 2019, ALTO established its presence in South Australia with its inaugural networking event at Rigoni's Bistro in the Adelaide CBD.

The event was well attended by young Italians working in various industries, many of which had been following ALTO via Facebook and LinkedIn for years and were finally able to partake in an event on their doorstep. ALTO's president, Steven Perri welcomed the South Australian Italian community into the ALTO network by providing the history of ALTO as well as outlining what it hopes to achieve.

"I have always said, and still believe strongly that a network is only as strong as the people in it, and a true network is only really created by having members who are willing to contribute, and are more interested in contributing and giving back rather than what they can get out of it - that is what makes a true network".

ALTO would like to thank its speakers for the evening the Hon. Vincent Tarzia and the Hon. Tony Piccolo for their kind words and support, as well as ALTO South Australia board members Mr. Steven Russo of PKF Adelaide and Mr. Christian Verdicchio of the University of Adelaide for their assistance in organizing the event.

Many thanks also to the sponsors for the evening, PKF Adelaide, Serafino Wines and Solitaire Alfa Romeo.

A second event in South Australia will be scheduled shortly - watch this space! You can view more pictures from the launch event here.